Friday, December 9, 2016

Driving with Dogs: Holiday Edition

Hey y'all!

November was a lot of change, some expected but most was not. I've held off writing during this time as a way to kind of get back into a routine of my own. But I'm back now!

With the holidays coming up quickly and all the traveling that goes along with that, why not bring your dogs along for the fun?

I brought my dog, Tucker, home to Savannah for Thanksgiving and, despite my endless hours of googling, I could not find tips for driving long distances with dogs. So here's what I learned from my round trip adventure with Tuck!

First off, packing. I swear I brought home double the stuff because of my dog. I had his crate, his bed, and then two (fairly large) tote bags. One was the stuff I would need once I got to Georgia and the other was his car bag. In his car bag was the travel water bowl, a bottle of water, treats, a towel for the car ride, paper towels, and an empty plastic grocery bag.

It's a good thing he's cute
Unfortunately for Tucker (and me), he gets car sick super easily. So I always have the paper towels and empty plastic grocery bag for the inevitable incident!

One thing I could not figure out for the life of me was how to bring his food with us. I was very close to just ordering a portable food container but instead I finally thought of filling up two gallon Ziploc bags. It was so much easier and I just stuffed these bags in his bag of things he'd need in Georgia (since he absolutely can't while driving)

Tucker fit in quite nicely with my parents' dogs!
I like to think he's okay with the car now but I think it was really that treacherous drive down that taught him to just lay down and go to sleep! Thankfully, he slept the entire car ride back up to DC.

I would love to hear any of y'all's dog traveling tips! Goodness knows this will not be the last long drive for me and Tucker :)

Happy Holidays!

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