Monday, October 31, 2016

What's in my Bag: Work Life Edition

I don't know about y'all but I can truly say there are days when I don't know how my work bag hasn't given up on me yet! I just stuff it with so much stuff that I swear I need on a daily basis.

#1 item in all of my bags is a koozie. I keep one in every bag (and a few on my desk at work) but my Lilly one is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Nothing better than making a cold beer (or cider) a little more girly!

Now, this is a work bag! So I have to have my planner. I've been using the Simplified Planner for two years now and cannot switch to any other. The time breakdown is amazing for keeping track of meetings and phone calls while also having a "to do" list right alongside it, the best way to remember to get the dry cleaning on your way home! Oh and it's cute print doesn't hurt either :) (I'm totally partial to anything with a pineapple).

Two of these items prove that you can take the girl out of the South but you most definitely can't take any South out of the girl! My hat is a dead give away but I just find myself wanting a hat all the time, even if it's just to prevent a quick weird hair mishap from the wind. The other one is my umbrella! I always have an umbrella with me. I've been stuck in one too many sudden Savannah thunderstorms plus this one is super cute and goes with just about every outfit!

I'm entirely too picky about sunglasses so when my old ones broke, I walked in to Nordstrom on a mission. Thank goodness the sales associates were able to point me in the direction of these Kate Spade cuties! I have such a small face that I end up just being frustrated most of the time so praise the Lord for them and their patience.

Speaking of glasses, I recently had to add reading glasses to my over-flowing bag of stuff! Yep, I officially have old eyes from a life of staring at computer screens. I was led to Warby Parker by a friend of mine who claimed that they had the best range of sizes and I couldn't agree more! I paid a visit to their Georgetown store and walked out with the Wilkie frames in my prescription.  The real test will be how often they are actually on my face instead of on top of my head!

The bag itself? It's a bag from a boutique in Savannah but I've linked some similar hold-alls with great structure below.

Like these items? Be sure to check out the links on each item and sign up for #MustHaveBox. You never know which one of these goodies will show up in your box! This month, I was sent the classic but still fun umbrella from Henri Bendel in my (over the top amazing) PopSugar Must Have Box, c/o PopSugar. 

Happy Shopping y'all!

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