Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pure Barre for Newbies!

I am officially approaching my 1 year anniversary of Pure Barre! It's amazing how much I love this exercise class because I am not an exercise fanatic in a way. Cardio is my worst nightmare, no matter if it's on a treadmill or out around D.C., I really hate feeling out of breathe.

So I jumped on the bandwagon and tried Pure Barre one lovely day last year. Luckily for me, I caught on quick and was hooked by the pure fact that the 55 minutes went by incredibly fast. When I moved back to Savannah for the summer, I got myself a month of classes and committed to going at least twice a week. That swiftly moved to four times a week (the recommended amount) and I became a regular!

Going in to class for the first time is incredibly strange: tuck what, bend and straighten, and WHY would anyone want to shake while they work out?? Well here's a quick rundown!
Make sure you're wearing leggings that are at least below your knee and nothing long sleeve, otherwise you might just overheat. You'll have to wear sticky socks, which they sell at the front desk, and I definitely advise you to bring water, even if you don't drink it until after class!

You'll walk in and likely be greeted by a lovely woman working the front desk. Just explain that this is your first class and she will make sure you fill out the required form, get the right equipment, and meet your instructor for the class! 

Tucking is a weird idea but it makes sense once you do it right. You want to stand with your feet hip width apart, move your bottom in towards your belly button, and your abs back to your spine. Then pull further in to your spine or belly button with each tuck.

From here, know that the class is all about tiny movements to fatigue your muscles. I'm sure you can lift your leg from the floor to hip level really well but instead focus on feeling the muscles in your bottom or thigh do all the work! When your muscles start to get tired, they'll shake. You might think it's super strange but your instructor will love being able to see how hard your working!

As you can probably tell, I highly recommend trying Pure Barre. It's a mood-lifter and an easy way to work in 55 minutes of great exercise. First classes are normally discounted and most studios have new member packages for your first month! 

Hope this was helpful to someone out there! Let me know if you've tried Pure Barre (or any other barre class for that matter) and what you think of it! I'm also totally open to new exercise classes to try, just put your recs in the comments :)

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