Sunday, April 17, 2016

Plated: A Total Personal Fail

This week I learned I am not cut out to be a master all. I may be able to make darn good chicken piccata and the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever have but I've officially found my line in the sand.

For this revelation, all future guests of mine can thank Plated. Don't get me wrong, a totally ingenious idea but completely not in my wheel house! 

I did a two meal, two person trial after hearing great things and, while everything I made was edible and turned out (somewhat) as expected, I honestly think it was just too healthy for me. 

The two meals I did were Chicken Paillard (which also included parmesan asparagus and mashed potatoes) and Meatball Rainbow Chard Soup. The first sounds incredibly easy and, if I was properly prepared, it probably would have been. The second dish was good for what it was but it was entirely too health-conscious for my taste. There was a LOT of chard and carrots and very little taste besides the chard and meatballs.

The real problem I had with the actual cooking was multi-tasking. With that in mind, my number one tip for anyone who wants to try it out is to prepare meats first and then work your way through the sides. My second tip is to make sure you have each tool they recommend. There's nothing worse than trying to figure out how to mash potatoes without a masher (yeah, that happened and I ended up with cold half-mashed potatoes). 

Unfortunately, in my adventurous attempt, I never actually took pictures of my food to show y'all so you'll just have to trust me that the meatball soup did look like the Plated image but the chicken dish definitely did not! Instead, there was weirdly mashed potatoes and wilted but crunchy asparagus. 

All this did teach me one very important thing: laugh off the imperfection and move on. I totally owned the fact that I messed up and decided to go back to cooking what I'm good at! Maybe I'll even share a recipe or two of mine with y'all going forward :)

I have lots of free time in the next month or so so let me know what else y'all would want to see from me!

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