Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter is HERE

How cute is he?!
Oh dear, y'all. Unlike this adorable panda, I am not a winter person AT ALL. So this crazy amount of snow that has taken over DC is most certainly not my favorite thing to happen this month. 

It's also always during a big snow storm that I realize my true shortage of winter gear. I wear Hunter boots as "snow boots" because I have a long established battle with snow boots that make my feet look crazy oversized for my tiny body. I have gloves but I hate to wear them because I can't text.

But, the worst of all, has been my coat. It's six years old and still functioning but the buttons are all holding on by {a few} threads and it's definitely a bit lint-y. When one of the buttons fell off the other day, I knew it was about time. 

So the hunt began! But I'm quite a bit picky: it has to have a full closure (no silly fashion things that will let cold air in), a hood to keep my neck warm, nice pockets (have to have somewhere to stash my phone when I grab my metro card!), and, of course, be reasonably priced.

Here it is!!
Well I finally decided this gorgeous one today and I'm totally obsessed! It checks all my {somewhat obscure} boxes and it's not in black, which is key when you don't want any tiny piece of lint to show. 

In case you've been wondering, it's the J.Crew Melton toggle coat and it's on sale, along with a whole lot of other J.Crew winter accessories, so go get them while the sale lasts!

Hope you're all excited to get going on this lovely Monday!

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