Saturday, January 16, 2016

Long Time No Blog!

Pictures from the last two months!
Hey y'all!

I'll start off by saying that things have changed A LOT since my last blog post. I'm currently employed full-time in the DC Metro area and loving it. Getting there, however, was a completely different story!

I struggled quite a bit with finding a job in my field that I would love and that wouldn't require me to move halfway across the country over the holidays. No matter how much everyone kept saying it would work out, I was a mess of emotions. I squeezed in interviews between classes and interning, giving me even less free time than normal and making any sort of social media the last thing on my mind. 

After about a month of interviewing and searching high and low, I forced myself to take a break and focus on school. In my mind I came to the conclusion that, if it was God's will, He would ensure I got a job for January. 

At the end of that very week, I got a call from our head of HR saying I would hear back in the next week and that I was a superb candidate for the job. A few hours later, they called me back and offered me the job! I ended up accepting the offer and started the first week of January.

With all that, I've seen myself change for the better. Biggest change: I go to bed by 11 every night! I also enjoy the weekends a lot more because it's my time. I don't have to be working on school work on Sundays or blocking out chunks of my time for sorority events. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to work blogging in to my routine, which might mean writing everything out on my beloved weekends. Either way, there is sure to be lots of fun content coming soon!

Enjoy the rest of your chilly winter weekend!

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