Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gift Guide: Hosting Gifts!

It's officially that time of the year! Holiday decorations have taken up residence in every store, holiday music has been playing in CVS since the day after Halloween, and Starbucks even switched over to its red cups!

I was raised to never go to someone's house empty handed. That could mean bringing a pan of brownies to a super bowl party, a bottle of wine in a cute canvas tote to a Halloween party, or small gifts picked out especially for the host (or hostess)
for Holiday parties!  Something I firmly believe is that, as long as it's something that show a little extra thought in, the cost doesn't really matter.

So, in the spirit of getting ready for Friendsgiving and Holiday gatherings, here's a quick run down of ideas that would be a little more than a bottle of wine but sure not to break the bank!

Frames: These are great gift ideas for any host, no matter the type of person. In this day of social media craziness, it's a luxury to have a favorite picture printed out and displayed to be seen every day. Fit the frame to their style and maybe include a cute picture for an added surprise!

Barware: If someone's hosting a party, it's fair to say they could probably use more trays to serve food on in the future or coasters to prevent annoying rings on their coffee table! Kate Spade has cute coasters for $20-$25 in a bunch of different styles! Depending on where you get a tray, it may cost a little more but it's sure to be used for parties to come.

Coffee table books: I LOVE coffee table books. They're such a great conversation starter and changing them out based on the season provides guests with something new to enjoy when they come to visit. This one in particular is great for holiday gifts, especially for those southern girls in your life!

Cookbooks: Let's face it, one can never truly have too many cookbooks. Whether they're books to make fun drinks or books with great desserts for any occasion, match the right book to the right person and you have a great (and useful) gift!

Hope this helps y'all with all your host/hostess gift-giving needs.
Let me know in the comments what other gift guides you'd love to see!

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