Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Playing With Humidity

This summer in Georgia has meant HOT. The kind of hot where shopping outside is deemed almost impossible without a drink in your hand and you're likely to get weird looks if you dare venture out wearing pants.

My solution to this has been embracing my naturally wavy hair, minimal makeup, and dresses!! Since a lot of dresses can easily be transitioned to different seasons or dressed up for work, I'm all for buying the ones I fall in love with.

This gorgeous dress was no exception! In fact, when it first appeared on Red Dress Boutique, it was sold out before I committed to buying it so I waited until it was restocked (I should be a little embarrassed as to how fast I bought it). 

Isn't that back just a fun little something extra? My hair would normally cover it but, with the crazy humidity, I've definitely been throwing my long hair up to a messy bun quite a bit!

Dress: Red Door Boutique, Sandals: Sam Edelman, Necklace: Vintage, Ring: Bellas Olas Baubles

Hope y'all are enjoying these last hot and humid days of summer!

P.S.: Aren't these pictures amazing? Ashlyn, a Savannah College of Arts and Design student, is truly a gifted photographer (especially given it was 95 degrees this particular afternoon and we were DRENCHED)! 

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