Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lessons of My Savannah Summer

Last Georgia sunset of (my) summer
So, as of writing this post, I'm sitting on my bed at home with my clothes (and all that stuff) in suitcases and I honestly cannot believe the summer I've had.

Rewind to late April, all I wanted was to be home. I was overwhelmed, unsure, and needed to run away. The best way I can sum up how I felt is from something a quote I found on Tumblr (of course haha) but was originally in an old letter written by Tennessee Williams:

Ask anyone; I'm type-A and have been for as long as I can remember.  So, while it was definitely a planned "retreat" in some sense (I knew in January I wanted to spend summer at home), I was completely running away from my life in DC. I needed a change, especially since my plan was to stay in DC after I graduate.

So I got my life figured out, finished the school year, and flew home (with 5 suitcases of clothes and accessories, obviously). I didn't have friends here, a definite job, or even really know my way around without Google maps. 

So, long story short, in the last three months, I: worked three distinctly different jobs, took online courses (Go Dawgs), made new friends, went on a family vacation to the Florida Keys, spent more time with my mom than I have in years, and fell in love with the state of Georgia. 

I'm 100% still that type-A kind of lady but I have a much better idea of who I want to be, even when I can't be in my newfound comfort zone. That's the main reason I'm okay with going back to DC; I get to be exactly the way I've been but in a crazy exciting city and figure out the next chapter in life!

Life's not about the plans and goals all the time. Sometimes detours are the most amazing gifts we can give ourselves. But you'll never know until you try :)

Coming soon...decorating my first (shared) apartment and adjusting to people looking at me funny when I ask for sweet tea!

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