Monday, July 20, 2015

Tassels With Class

As someone who's not a huge fan of changes (fashion or otherwise), it takes me a little bit to get in to trends. And the tassel trend was no exception to that.

I'm pretty sure it's the over-doing it that makes me not a fan of it right away; everywhere you look someone put a tassel on the drawstrings or edges of a romper or made a tassel the zipper of an otherwise plain bag.

But...after a lot of window shopping (mostly online so I guess browsing?) I decided to buy two necklaces from Nordstrom that happened to be on sale for a price I could tolerate. I'm not a "trend" spender so this was exactly the push I needed. 

I LOVE them, especially with more plain t-shirts or dresses but unfortunately, they're not on the website anymore! Not sure I'd purchase any other tassel necklaces right now (except the one below, I love the wooden bead look with the tassel) but here's a few more items that will let you tie tassels in to your every day wardrobe!

Hope y'all are staying cool in this crazy July heat!

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