Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer in Savannah

I do my fair share of bad decision making, something bound to happen when a 21 year old lives 500 miles away from her family and tries to be independent. However, deciding to spend my summer home in Savannah was not one of those bad decisions.

Not only do I get the great benefits of being with my family and beloved family dogs for four months but I also have an amazingly gorgeous setting with tons to do and always lots going on. Since it'll be my last summer break of college, I wanted to make sure I had the ability to relax a little. Well that doesn't count the time I spend at my two jobs, working on the online courses I'm enrolled in, or taking Pure Barre classes but I do love being busy! 

Below's a gorgeous sunset picture I took last year but this is absolutely how gorgeous Savannah is whenever it's sunny. Notice I did not mention the heat and humidity...thank goodness for central air in basically every building!

In any case, hope y'all got to know me a little bit! 

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