Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hair and Face and Eyes, Oh My!

Since I had one day last week off from my multitude of jobs, it became errand day. Luckily, returning something in Ulta and trying to find things for Father's Day as well as my parents' wedding anniversary were just a few of those errands so I was able to pick myself up a few things on the way!

Since I went last week, this is both a review and "share what I bought" kind of post for y'all.
First thing I got was Kiehl's Since Micro-Blur Skin Perfector.  I'm primarily using it as a base layer between my moisturizer and my foundation but so far my skin's appreciating this light "buffer zone" idea. No word yet on how it's dramatically helped my skin but I'll let y'all know!

From there I went to Ulta. I went in with full intention of getting Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion Water Resistant Mascara in Black, since Jennifer from Southern Anchors recommended it to me so I obviously grabbed that. Since being in Georgia seems to have made me into a bit of a crybaby, I went with waterproof, which necessitated the Almay Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads. These are great at getting right to the clean off but the oily residue is not my favorite. Saw ones that were oil-free from Almay but they weren't for waterproof makeup so oh well!

My last item was a bit of a wandering purchase: basically this Georgia humidity and I have been fighting a vicious battle over the state of my hair. The second I walk out to my car, the great silky hair is a thing of the past. So, in an effort to solve the humidity crisis of the South, I got a small size of the DevaCurl 'Set it Free' Moisture Lock Spray. My roommate freshman year used there products to keep her curls in line and it smells incredible (I totally still use that as my #1 deciding factor, who cares if I'm 21, right?).  So far, it has been able to stand Georgia heat, non-stop work days, and the Florida Keys so more products might be in my near future :)

As always, my future purchases are open to any (and basically all) suggestions so let me know your favorites, new or old!!

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